balade sentier douaniers GR 34 hotel lannion

Hiking on the pink granite coast

Drop off your car at our Arcadia hotel in Lannion and pick up your pilgrim's staff: all the most beautiful hiking trails are close by!

The GR®34, Smugglers' Trail, a few minutes from your hotel restaurant in Perros-Guirec

Along the entire Breton coast for more than 2,000 km from the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel to Saint-Nazaire, the customs path in the Côtes d'Armor stretches from the mouth of the Rance to the Bay of Lannion. Our Arcadia hotel is located in the middle of the GR 34, only 30 minutes walk to the coast.

Arriving at the coast, you can then walk from creeks to cliffs, from seaside resorts to natural sites, from bays to estuaries. An easy walk, suitable for the whole family. Among the must-sees are: Caps Fréhel and Erquy, the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, Paimpol, the Côte des Ajoncs, the Côte de Granit Rose.

Some ideas for walks around your hotel restaurant in Lannion

  • The paths of Ploumanac'h - Perros-Guirec: this easy walk of 2h10 and 8.6 km allows you to visit the chapel of Clarté, the sculpture park Christian Gad and Daniel Chhe, the Lighthouse of Ploumanac'h (Mean Ruz ) and marvel at these pîles of pink granite with imposing and astonishing shapes.

  • Around Île Grande: an easy 2-hour walk over 7.5 km. Walk along bucolic paths by the sea and discover the small port of Saint-Sauveur, the Kervoalant marshes, the pebble or fine sand beaches, the dunes of Toul gwenn, the legendary Canton and Aval islands, Morvil island, the rock du corbeau, the covered alley or the fountain of Saint Sauveur.