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The archipelago of seven islands

Off the pink granite coast, from the port of Perros Guirec, speedboats take visitors to discover seven enchanting islands.

Set off from your Perros Guirec hotel to discover these “dust of the continent”

A preserved ornithological paradise, famous for sheltering one of the most spectacular colonies of gannets, unique in France, the archipelago of seven islands can only be discovered from the sea and the boat trip is magical.

Depending on the time of year, this sea trip may allow you to see protected species such as puffins or even murres, penguins and even seals or dolphins. Between feathers and foam, the archipelago was classified as a Protected Natural Site in 1912 and then as a Nature Reserve in 1976. The largest reserve on the French coast hosts more than 20,000 pairs of seabirds and 27 nesting species.

The archipelago of the seven islands of Brittany, easily accessible from your hotel in Lannion

Accompanied by a passionate guide, make a stop on the Île aux Moines, take in an unforgettable view of the magnificent Pink Granite Coast, in the company of crested cormorants, kittiwakes, brown, silver or sea gulls.

Rouzic Island will amaze you with its white northern tip, which is explained by the high density of the only French colony of Northern Gannets, birds with remarkable white plumage and yellow heads.

An unmissable trip along the coast with breathtaking views of the pink granite coast.